Project Profiles

Ash & Coal Storage Containment

In line with the industry’s environmental concerns, Manitoba Hydro’s conversion of the Selkirk and Brandon Generating Stations from coal to gas fired power resulted in the need for ash and coal storage remediation.

Tri-core was on site to provide solutions for containing these air-borne materials.

  • Coal: By stripping the coal pile areas, the coal fines were contained within a compacted clay lined cell and cover.
  • Ash: Sludge bed drying cells were excavated, and an impervious geosynthetic liner constructed in the cell to provide secure containment for the ash sludge. A compacted clay cover was then placed over the cell to seal the material.

The project was considered complete following infrastructure improvements such as concrete pads, site drainage culverts, security fencing, and re- seeding of the site to restore the environmental balance.

Selkirk Generating Station: Approximately 108,000 m3 was prepared for landscaping improvements.
Brandon Generating Station: Approximately 45,000 m3 was prepared for landscaping improvements.