Surface Infrastructure

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Bridges, Highway, Road & Rail Construction
Tri-Core is a leader in municipal transportation infrastructure. We pride ourselves in executing innovative solutions to build roads, highways, railways & bridges for both public and private sector clients. We understand the challenges that certain projects present, whether working around traffic, or building in environmentally sensitive terrain.

Roads & Highways

  • Major Arterial Routes
  • Provincial Trunk Highways
  • Provincial Roads
  • Access Ramps
  • Embankment and Drainage Construction

  • Cast-In-Place
  • Precast Segmental
  • Precast and Flat Slab
  • Railway
  • Guideways
  • Pedestrian
  • Steel Girder
  • Box Girder

Building Relationships Through Infrastructure

Structural Concrete
Tri-Core has supplied and installed precast concrete culverts in countless applications. Precast culverts install fast, provide the highest level of strength and durability, are less dependent on backfill, require little to no maintenance, can withstand more aggressive compacting and they are manufactured locally.

Primarily intended for use as a horizontal conduit where headroom is limited, precast boxes can significantly cut the costs by reducing or eliminating formwork, dewatering, traffic control and curing when compared to cast-in-place concrete. Precast boxes can be designed for various depths and loading conditions including truck, railway and airplane loads. Similar to concrete pipe, precast box culverts are available in unique configurations including mitre bends, wyes, cast-in baffles, and manhole access openings.


Tri-Core excels in the installation of several foundation installation methods. Tri-Core’s projects include cast in place, helical, driven, rock socketed and grouted piles.