Why Tri-Core?


Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) is an integral part of Tri-Core’s commitment to employees, partners, clients and the public. The construction services business, by nature, requires the handling of materials that can be hazardous to health and/or the environment as well as the operation of heavy equipment working in sensitive environments. Tri-Core’s HS&E policies, procedures and programs are designed to address these risks. Tri-Core’s HS&E programs have been found to meet the most stringent and comprehensive requirements.

Our management has the responsibility for the promotion and administration of the program, which is directed to ensuring that occupational health issues are considered for each job site including establishing an effective accident prevention program.

Implementation and compliance are the responsibility of each employee. “Front Line Safety” is the underlying principle of our safety program. Each employee is trained to understand that they are responsible for not only his/her personal safety, but also for that of coworkers on the project team and the public. Tri-Core is working to maintain the culture of health, safety and wellness company wide.

Front Line Safety Is The Underlying Principle Of Our Safety Program

The importance that Tri-Core places on HS&E is demonstrated by:

  • Tri-Core’s comprehensive HS&E Program and Manual
  • Site-specific HS&E Plans to complement the Program
  • All new employees receive a comprehensive orientation to their work, including a detailed review of Tri-Core’s HS&E Program as well as the program of the client whose sites they will be working on
  • A near miss reporting program, job safety analysis, job specific hazard identification and dedicated safety coordinators and training
  • A Safety Incentive Program to recognize prudent handling of job safety and reward our employee who take initiative to go above and beyond

Prior to the commencement of the site work, Tri-Core Project Managers prepare a site-specific Health & Safety Plan. Provision of this Plan will not affect the responsibility of other parties for the safety of their own personnel. Tri-Core conducts the prescribed scope of work in accordance with all applicable codes, statutes and regulations.

We monitor our health and safety performance on a quarterly basis.

Safety Accountability
In line with the value of front line safety is being responsible for it. This commitment starts at the corporate level and extends with the same strength to the field. We empower our personnel so that everyone is accountable for safety and the success of reaching our goals so that nobody gets hurt. Tri-Core’s President is the Corporate HS&E Manager. He is supported by our VP of Operations and the dedicated regulatory professionals in Tri-Core’s office.

Safety Performance
At Tri-Core, we monitor our health and safety performance on a quarterly basis. Performance and trending is reviewed and evaluated for the purpose of identifying education and training requirements, auditing requirements and revisions or additions to Tri-Core’s HS&E policies and procedures. All of which influence Health & Safety plans for the upcoming year and if more urgent, the upcoming quarter. In addition to tracking incidents and accidents, we also conduct hazard identification, behavior observations and near miss reporting as proactive activities to reduce incidents in the workplace and prevent injuries. These three activities are used to identify leading trend indicators, these activities that have the potential to result in serious accidents or injuries if we do not address them immediately. At Tri-Core, we are committed to achieving zero injuries and encourage our employees and contractors to report hazards or at-risk behavior to proactively implement measures to mitigate these occurrences.