Underground Infrastructure

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Water, Wastewater Sewer and Land Drainage Systems
Tri-Core has a vast amount of experience in the installation of Water, Sewer and Land Drainage Systems. These Include include larger diameter concrete pipe installations of Land Drainage Systems as part of a significant initiative to eliminate “Combined Sewer” infrastructure. Other installations include Residential Developments, Commercial Developments, Land Drainage Outfalls and a significant amount of water and sewer renewals and repairs using a variety of pipe materials including Concrete, PVC, HDPE, CMP and Steel. Tri-core has the expertise and resources to complete installations using open cut or trenchless methods depending on project requirements.


Large Diameter Tunnel Boring and Pipe Jacking
Tri-Core is a recognized leading contractor in Tunnel Boring and Pipe Jacking. Our capabilities take projects from concept to completion in tunneling estimating, construction management and project execution. Working closely with our clients, and consulting engineers, Tri-Core provides design expertise for a multitude of tunneling works ranging from large land drainage projects in urban settings to remote locations in environmentally sensitive areas.

Tri-Core owns and operates a number of Guided Boring Machines (GBM) and Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM). The GBM systems offer customers millimeter installation accuracy for pipe diameter ranging from 100mm to 900mm with shots as long as 110m. The GBM systems are remotely operated. They provide the spoil removal process of the auger boring machine and the same level of accuracy as traditional micro-tunneling—all in one compact, multifaceted system. Our TBM systems are used to install pipes ranging in diameter from 1200mm to 2700mm with shots as long as 200m. The TBM system is controlled by an operator located at the rotating excavation head. The cutter head excavates the soil which is transported via conveyor and haul unit system for disposal in the launch shaft. Both systems have been used to install piping up to 15m below surface.

Gate Chamber / Large Valves
Tri-Core is very familiar with the planning and assembling of complex chambers for large scale sewer and water systems. Mechanical and electronically actuated valve systems are common on many of our jobs. Working closely with suppliers and following sequencing and specifications in their entirety has allowed us to maintain an excellent track record on mechanical installation.


Often when reviewing the design and installation process our team has provided input that has saved the project owner significant time and money prior to commencing work.

Drilled Caisson and Structurally Engineered Shoring Systems
We have developed industry-leading expertise with all types of geotechnical construction techniques used for temporary shoring systems. Some of our shoring systems have been developed as a result of the demand for structurally excavated shafts for the launching and retrieving of our GBM and TBM machines.

We have continuously looked to develop innovative and cost-effective techniques for installing structural shoring systems. One of our most successful installation methods includes the drilling of round shafts and installing engineered shoring. We currently drill shafts and install round shoring to 6m diameter and 15m deep. Tri-Core also installs structural shafts and cantilevered shoring walls using soldier piles, lagging and tie-backs.

Based on site specific conditions, our experts can help design and construct Engineered Shoring Systems that minimize disturbance to existing structures and allow construction to continue safely.