Project Profiles

Transmission Line Foundations & Anchors

Large scale and complex projects are challenging by nature and ultimately improve the way we conduct our business.

Manitoba Hydro contracted Tri-Core Projects to undertake the installation of Tower anchors and foundations for the high profile Bipole III Hydro Electric project in northern Manitoba. This project is one of the largest hydro-electric projects underway in North America.

Tri-Core was selected for this work through a highly competitive proposal process. Our ability to satisfy the most stringent requirements for working with local communities and engaging with First Nations was pivotal in the selection process.

The entire project was conducted in Treaty II inhabited land. The communities affected by the project had great concern for the environment. Tri-Core and our client initiated a number of public information sessions to alleviate the environmental concerns of the general public and landowners. Local participation in the project was also of primary concern. Tri-Core developed relationships with community leaders and together we met the demand for job opportunities for the local First Nation’s communities with an aboriginal workforce of 30%.

Tri-Core with our community partners set efficiency and schedule performance records in the installation process. We built strong relations with the local First Nation’s work force and demonstrated the highest standards of environmental compliance and best practice project techniques.

Each site along the 120 km route proved to have unique environmental constraints, variable ground composition and water levels. The work was performed during winter months and involved the construction of winter access roads over low lying wetlands and spring partial thaw conditions. Tri-Core’s ability to adapt to the daily variability in weather conditions positioned the project team for successfully completing this project on schedule and on budget.