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Environmentally Responsible Solutions
Tri-Core is dedicated to providing environmentally responsible solutions to our customers. We strive to preserve the quality of our work sites to the highest standards. Protecting and maintaining the environment is at the core of our business. Tri-Core is committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.


Environmental Construction & Remediation

  • Earthworks
  • Pond Construction
  • Liner Installations
  • Barrier Wall Construction
  • Silt Fences
  • Funnel and Gate Technologies
  • Bioremediation Cell Construction
  • Landfill & Soil Treatment Pad Construction
  • Recovery Trenches
  • Site Restoration and Rehabilitation Projects
  • Mine Site Reclamation

Shoreline Erosion Protection & Stabilization
Tri-Core is a leader in remediating shoreline erosion and shoreline stabilization. These include installing retaining walls, sand drains, rock caissons, soil nailing and armour rock. Access for these projects may be on land or temporary ice access. Our capabilities include concept, estimating, design assistance and construction.

Industrial Landfills
Tri-Core is aligned with major engineered landfill operators in central Canada. These Class I and II Landfills are strategically located to serve our clients, providing the most cost- effective solution to the long-term liability and risk associated with waste solids, contaminated soil and other applicable solid waste. Each landfill is built to standards exceeding current design requirements. Combined with stringent operating standards and procedures, these industry partner landfills provide the most comprehensive waste liability protection to the waste generator.

Class I and II landfill designs provide one of the highest levels of containment available in the industry today. Class II regulatory standards incorporate all the following features into design:

  • Multi-layer containment barrier consisting of an engineered clay liner and a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner
  • In cell leachate collection, removal and disposal system
  • Ground water monitoring system
  • Surface run on and run off controls

Soil Bio-Remediation Facilities
Tri-Core currently has strategic agreements with soil treatment facilities throughout central Canada. Tri-Core can provide competitive and economically viable soil treatment options in a wide geographic area.

Landfill Construction
Tri-Core provides professional construction services for industrial, hazardous waste and municipal landfills. We have successfully completed numerous projects where we have constructed regulatory compliant lined and secured industrial landfills, reconstructed existing landfills or closed and rehabilitated old landfill facilities. Tri-Core has the in-house capability to carry all aspects of a landfill construction from permitting, and civil construction of these facilities to the operation and marketing of the services ensuring long term compliance and success.

Our Equipment And Personnel Are Focused On Providing Our Clients With A Consistent And Uniform Final Product

Pond/Lagoon Construction
Tri-Core has full service capabilities from sludge removal and remediation to the final shaping and relining phase eliminating the need to face additional mobilization and equipment costs that would normally be required if separate contractors were needed for each phase. Our equipment and personnel are focused on providing our clients with a consistent and uniform final product. Tri-Core’s personnel have built a wide range of lined ponds ranging in size from 50 m2 to over 40,000 m2.


Soil Excavation, Transportation and Treatment/Disposal
Tri-Core has extensive experience in all aspects of the excavation, transportation and treatment or disposal of contaminated soils.

Our team of trained Professional Project Managers, Site Supervisors and Equipment Operators have successfully completed multiple projects with our clients. This includes planning activities such as utility locates, geotechnical evaluation and communications with local governing authorities.


Mine Site Services
Tri-Core’s mine site services include construction and survey layout for new access roads, impoundment dikes and pad sites as well as road and site maintenance, tailings management, piping, crushing, hauling, backfill supply, water retaining dams and contact/non-contact water management systems. We also assist active mine sites in managing their waste streams to meet regulatory requirements. Tri-Core is licensed to transport contaminated soil as well as other solid, non-hazardous industrial waste.


Cut-Off and Recovery Trenches
Tri-Core has constructed a variety of cut-off and recovery trenches. These can be in addition to, or as an alternative to, the excavation of contaminated soils to stem or eliminate the flow of contaminants on the site.

  • Pilot Test Designs
  • Bentonite Slurry Walls
  • Funnel & Gate Systems
  • Groundwater Recovery & Treatment Systems


Foreshore & Sensitive Habitat Reclamation
Tri-Core has considerable experience completing projects involving work within streams, wetlands and foreshore areas. Execution of reclamation work in these sensitive locations requires additional planning and experience for its successful completion. This includes working closely with the various regulating authorities such as those involved in fisheries, port or river authorities and environmental regulatory agencies.

It is often necessary to complete this type of work within specified fishery windows in order to reduce the potential for negative impacts on the existing fish habitat

Execution of foreshore works typically involves the installation of sediment control measures. These measures can include installation of absorbent booms, aqua dams, silt curtains and in fast moving waters or extremely sensitive areas the installation of sheet pile walls may be necessary. Restoration of disturbed areas, including replacement of erosion control measures and replacement of riparian zones and/or wetland vegetation can also be a requirement.